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US Labels and Company Sleeve 1961-1967


Dart distribution
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Hollywood California
M 201 - 1961
M 220 - 1962
223 - 1962
246 - 1966
5001 - 1965
5026 - 1967
M 234 - 1963
The history of Moonglow Records goes back to the 1950s in Belgium. Albert van Hoogten was owner of Ronnex Records in Belgium, and sent his brother, Rene Jan van Hoogten, to the United States in the mid-1950s to set up a label here. The first version of Moonglow Records was run out of Woodside, New York. The first labels noted that Moonglow was a subsidiary of Ronnex Records of Belgium. Rene Jan van Hoogten changed his name to Ray Maxwell to help Americans with pronunciation. Maxwell put out a number of singles on the New York-based label, including a couple of 1958 reissues of tunes from the 4-Star label of a few years earlier by Sammy Masters and His Rocking Rhythm. Apparently, sales were not enough to keep the original incarnation of Moonglow above water in New York, so Ray Maxwell relocated to the Los Angeles area.
Ray Maxwell restarted Moonglow Records in 1961 from an office at 6359 Selma Avenue in Hollywood.
No 1
238 - 1965
5026 - 1967
Atco distribution
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